1. Ah yes, humor and Polishness. I spent the first ten years here in the states as a fat kid with a polish accent. Among other things, that period left me with a pretty tough hide. I also learned about every possible polak joke uttered in the USA. If you can’t beat them, join them. Having spent the last 29 years living close to the Canadian border, I discovered that in this neck of the woods, jokes that I have known to be uniquely aimed at Poles appear here in the guise of French Canadian humor. That kind of makes me feel better, but not quite. I arrived by train at Warszawa Gdanska railroad station in August of 1978. I needed to get to my Aunt’s apartment on the other side of town in Mokotow, not far from the airport. As I rode shotgun in a polish cab, I heard my first authentic Polish joke. It went like this. Where is the best view of Warsaw? Answer: From the top of the Palace of Culture and Science. Why is that so? Well, it’s the only place in Warsaw that you can look around and not see the Palace of Culture and Science.

    1. Dear William,

      I enjoyed your blog post. Many thanks for sharing it. I’m learning so much, not only from being in Warsaw, but from community responses to my writing about being is Warsaw!

      Thank you for following and for your feedback. Welcome!


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