FED: …on the matter of a refund

Dear FED:

I bought tickets for the 12th and just remembered I’ve already got plans for that day. Can I use my tickets for your next dinner? Sorry for the mess up! Too much on my plate at the moment.

Dear [y]:

Thank you for buying in. Since I know you, understand your circumstances, and am myself human, I am genuinely inclined to help. The system, however, requires that we all see this through even when a change of course is indicated.IMG_1846

FED has no mechanism for refunding participation. Once you procure a ticket, you become a participant. You become complicit. Complicity is not always comfortable, I’m aware. Nor for that matter convenient. But, the stage has been set. My hands are tied.

Yours, fortunately, are not. Several options spring to mind:

  1. Sell your tickets to someone else.
  2. Give your tickets to someone else.
  3. Change your plans.
  4. Eat the tickets. (My personal preference is that you avoid this option at all costs, and I can say with confidence that the tickets are not nearly as tasty or nourishing as other options.)

Please forgive me for being presumptuous in offering these options, for thinking for you. I’m certain that you can do better than I. In fact, I hope I have not stifled your own creativity by asserting mine.

Please know that in this instance and any others, you may, of course, feel free to avail yourself of sponsored seats at the table. FED considers both giving and receiving to be generous acts.

Yours sincerely,

FED: a home-based community performance

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