ExquisiteKnowing Challenge: Exploring Poverty & Privilege on Bikes (August 2017)

A Bay Area summit, Exquisite Knowing Challenge explored poverty and privilege to create possibility through experience and exchange. Interdisciplinary artist and ExquisiteKnowing founder, Ashley David (Calif.), teamed up with Momentum Bike Clubs (South Carolina) to bring underserved high school students and their mentors to Silicon Valley from Greenville County, South Carolina, August 5-10, 2017, for an immersive, cycling-based 6-day examination and living experiment in community, working homelessness, and innovation.

Participants collaborated with Bay Area contacts, visited Facebook and an incubator space, volunteered, cycled for sport and transportation, sheltered at a church, showered at a gym, and processed their experiences through ExquisiteKnowing workshops to create text, audio, and video artifacts to share online and with their local community.

This project was designed to catalyze empowerment, empathy, and compassion, and to build bridges between communities holistically. It challenged participants to take “building resilience” to the next level, and it expanded the scope of Momentum Bikes Clubs to include national focus and exposure by creating the opportunity to flip the geography in subsequent years and continue the dialog, redefine perspectives, expand the spheres of influence, and continue cultivating the experience.