“Great All-Around Stick for the Heavy Hitter” (April 2012)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted updates for American (post), and even this post will be a quick one. I hope before long to include a meditation about “going underground” as distinct from “fallow periods” which may shed some light on my radio silence, but for now…

My new extra-heavy weight and extra-wide diameter drum sticks boast the slogan, “Great all-around stick for the heavy hitter.” I’m rather pleased with the association, but I’m not much of a heavy hitter. Nor am I suddenly a drummer. Rather, I’m playing with clay, and drumsticks are my new favorite tool.

I had a dream the other night that I should make my cymbal translation-objects out of any material that I can find: bark, roofing tin, clay, etc., and today was my first foray into the land of clay. I love it! Unlike working with metal, which leads me to power tools and safety gear galore, working with clay is literally earthy and quiet and slow. And, it’s fun to drum on the stuff.

Check out the updated play-by-play to see what I mean. (You’ll also see hints about the other experiments I’ve tried since my last update…the list includes fun with origami paper, oil paint, and a Columbian Red Boa Constrictor’s last skin.)

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