Poems & Images in Black Sun Lit & Vestiges (6/27/17)

Black Sun Lit previewed four poems on their site today along with four images, which are related to the series as object-translations of the poems. The poems are from a project begun in Havana and traversing ethnography, poetry, visual arts, and performance.

The poems will also appear in Black Sun Lit’s next issue of Vestiges, due out next month. The issue is chock-full of diverse and interesting work, and I hope you’ll check it out.

Difficult to locate, my heart bleeds
while they feed at my breasts. Slice
my tongue twice with a sword. Horses
are hungry, the serpent and moon waning,
volcanic sun socks a line to bread and iron.
Water virgin and a cow with one arm feel
a heart that does not fell. I have faith to be
blind, a selfish fish. Hubris leaps over yellow
akin to the monkey hands. Sprouts sores
with tree wire. Barbed blue eyes, not fleur de lis,
but doves.

—from “In this Atmosphere,” forthcoming in Vestiges_02: Ennui

Other poems and object-translations from the series can be found in The Offending Adam 162.1, Web Conjunctions 5.6.2014, and The South Dakota Review Vol 41 Nos 3&4.