Interdisciplinary Art

My current front & center preoccupations are FED: a home-based community performance and Imaginary Friends & Family Project, but even “old” projects like the ethnographic film project from the 1990’s, Below the Line: Grip & Electric, continue to percolate and offer new possibilities for continued inquiry, exploration, and community engagement.

Here’s a taste of the work:

  • Exile. Video-performance and poems. In Conjunctions (2014, 05.06.14)
  • American (post): Multiple Dimensions. Video-performance and poems. In The Offending Adam (2013, 162.1).
  • Imaginary Family & Friends: Portraits. Photos and text. (featured on Hyperallergic.)
  • American (post). Poems, 2D & 3D visual art, installation, community performance, and video. For the who kit and caboodle, navigate from the Multimedia drop-down menu above to American (post) or click here.
  • An Elegy: Fine Things, Flip-side(s) & Transformation. Video-performance. In The Offending Adam (2010, 029.2).
  • Below the Line: Grip & Electric. Video-documentary. In the mid-1990s, I followed several technicians working in New York’s independent feature film world. I asked them questions about their work, their dreams, and their personal lives. Shot on the sets of three low budget films and in the crew’s various NYC apartments, Below the Line offers a slice of what it’s like to chart a creative path in film, to begin an unconventional career, and to balance a demanding professional life with a personal life.