FED: Performance Rules


This home-based community performance takes place in Athens, Georgia, USA, and in most cases, you must be physically present to participate as a community performer. If you are from away, some in-house accommodations may be possible, and this lovely hotel is within walking distance. If you are unable to join us as a community performer, then you can participate by sponsoring a place at the table and/or by contributing to the conversation in the Gallery.

Each instance of performance is catalyzed by a conjunction of you and others at my dining table. Performances are intimate and limited to the chairs at the table.

To perform: Secure a ticket. Come get FED.

The possibilities are open and are potentially endless. At minimum, you can expect community, conversation, and good food inspired by my grandmother’s teachings and example, and expanded by encounters with other teachers, global wanderings, and the contemporary and local context(s). Surprise guests may pop in, and special guests may be featured. All guests are honored.

As a community performer, you’ll be required to sign a release before participating. This document allows me to create film, video, and audio recordings as well as still photographs and to incorporate same into a spectrum of art pieces generated by the performance. It also releases me from liability for an a-z spectrum of complaints including, “I hate broccoli.”

For details about your particular performance, check the Schedule.
For logistics and other basics, check the House Rules.
For additional policies, etc., check out the Gallery.

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