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kitchenI’m cooking up a variety of goodies. First-up on the menu: the amuse bouche aka two pilot performances in September and October 2014. Coming soon: the full banquet schedule. Details and dates forthcoming as the kitchen heats up.

Some places at the table will be sponsored so that plenty extends to all. FED considers both giving and receiving to be generous acts.

Amuse Bouche: aka the pilot performances

Marianne Moore joins us for pie time via vinyl recorded in NYC in the 1950s and bequeathed to me by my mother. Miss Moore will read from her translations of the Fables of La Fontaine, including “The Dog Who Dropped Substance for Shadow,” and her poems including, “The Mind is an Enchanting Thing.” Come to enchant and be enchanted, to trade shadow for substance. Come to be fed. Eat dessert first.

  • 10/12/14, 2:00-4:00 pm: Sunday Dinner with Suitable Suitors $15 (plus fees)

I promise I joined [this dating site] with sincere intentions. But unacknowledged performance makes me squirm. I didn’t recognize myself. I hardly think I got to know you. Et voilà, Sunday Dinner, a bona fide performance. I promise it will be unlike any date you’ve ever been on. Less expensive, too. Unless you went Dutch, or (s)he treated. I’m a good cook. Bred in the bone. You are invited.

The Full Banquet Schedule

I’m hard at work in the test kitchen, and I look forward to offering up the Full Banquet soon. Stay tuned.

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