Fundraising & True-Cost Budget

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Fundraising Needs

Out-standing Needs as of 7/15/17:

TOTAL = $7,365 overdue

Funds Raised as of 7/15/17:

Cash: $9,900

In-Kind: $33,196

Grateful Acknowledgment of Donors

Eustace Family * Susan Wojcicki & Dennis Troper * Lori & Brian Goler * Palo Alto First Presbyterian Church * Exquisite Knowing * Motostrano Ebikes, Etc. * Friends of Momentum Bike Clubs * The Young Brothers * Ashley David * Clemson University Diversity Initiative

All contributions are tax-deductible.

To Give, contact: Ashley David or David Taylor

Special Note:

Because Exquisite Knowing Challenge Summit 2017 and Momentum Bike Clubs share a holistic development philosophy that focuses on exchange and solidarity, Challenge Team members will pool a portion of the stipend they earn for participating in Momentum Bike Clubs programs, plus any funds they raise personally in their local community, in order to make a monetary contribution to a youth development and/or homelessness Bay Area nonprofit organization. This contribution by Greenville County’s Momentum Bike Clubs youth will be in addition to the service work they will do while on-site in the Bay Area for the Summit.

Fundraising Targets

Tier 1 (necessary to greenlight program; completed 7/4/17)

  • Transportation (Airfare and SC airport xfer): $6,000 secured 7/4
  • Transportation (Bay Area Ground): $1,550 secured 6/25
  • Accommodation (Lodging): $3,500 secured in-kind 6/29
  • Staffing (Consultant): $16,000 secured in-kind 5/15
  • Overhead: $6,337 secured 5/15

Tier 2 (necessary to implement program; overdue)

  • Accommodation (Showers): $845 secured 7/8
  • Meals: $3,510 no later than 7/10 overdue: $1665
  • Equipment (bike rental): $1,200 secured 7/8
  • Incidentals: $1200 no later than 7/10 overdue

Tier 3 (desired to implement program; overdue)

  • Resident Artist Summit Stipend (does not include planning): $3,000 by 7/10 overdue
  • Audio/video equipment rental: $1,500 by 7/10 overdue

***All contributions are tax-deductible.**

True-cost Budget

Item Notes Cost Funding Source
Airfare 12ppl r/t Greenville – SFO @ $500/person + Greenville Airport xfer $6000 Cash Donation
Lodging “urban camping” equivalent of 4 double motel rooms w/out showers @ $175/night x5 nights $3,500 In-Kind Donation
Showers 24HourFitness weeklong gym membership to supply showers @ $65/ 13 people $845 Cash Donation


Meals 13+ people + 18 meals @ $15/meal $3,510 Cash Donation (overdue)
  Road bike rental x12 people @ $100/wk (Campus Bike Shop) $1,200 Cash Donation
  Audio/video Equipment Rental for 6 days @ $250/day $1500 Cash Donation


Incidentals (incl. public transpo) $200/day x6 days (group total) $1200 Cash Donation


Pilot Year Consultant program development, planning, fundraising, and logistics for 10 hours/week x8 weeks @ $200/hour (rate does not reflect 50% nonprofit discount because entire fee is donated) $16,000  In-kind Donation
Momentum Bike Clubs (MBC) Leaders Executive Director and Challenge Team Director See Overhead line Item Clemson University Diversity Initiative
MBC Challenge Team Mentors Volunteer Challenge Team Mentors from Greenville Oversight Included in Overhead In-kind Donation
Bay Area Summit Mentors Bay Area Volunteers Oversight Included in Consultant In-kind Donation
Resident Artist Summit Stipend: 24-hour days x6 @ $500/day (reflects 50% pilot yr disc.) $3,000 Cash Donation (overdue)
Planning & Prep 20 hours/week x6 weeks @ $50/hour $6,000 In-kind Donation
Sub Total $42,755
18% Overhead $7,696 Clemson University Diversity Initiative
Pilot-Year True-Cost Budget TOTAL $50,451

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