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Key Dates

Phase 1: May 1, 2017 through August 4, 2017

Development & Planning, incl. Fundraising

Phase 2: August 5-10, 2017

Silicon Valley Summit (program pilot) aka ExquisiteKnowing Challenge 2017

Itinerary (EK = Exquisite Knowing)

Break-fast Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Evening
Sat, 8/5 self-pack GSP-SFO self-pack p/u bikes, Stanford tour, showers, grocery, orientation taqueria journaling
Sun, 8/6 at “shel-ter” meditation; train to SF SF sampler SF walking tour Chinatown banquet showers, EK workshop
Mon, 8/7 at “shel-ter” FaceBook & EPA tour picnic by the Bay Dumbarton Bridge ride, showers, grocery group cook EK workshop
Tues, 8/8 at “shel-ter” Portola Valley ride, showers, train to SJ, Tech Museum WeWorks/Hillbrook School Youth Exchange Meet Entrepreneurs/Philanthropists + Design Wrkshop & Pitch at WeWorks Volunteer & Dinner at Recovery Cafe train to PA & EK workshop
Wed, 8/9 at “shel-ter” YouTube tour, panel, and workshop YouTube Crystal Springs ride, showers, grocery BBQ at Motostrano free time and journaling
Thurs, 8/10 at cafe EK Maker Lab food truck & picnic in Redwood City plaza showers, grocery, return bikes, pack  community potluck & share-out SFO-GSP

Phase 3: Fall 2017

Follow-up & Goal Setting for 2018 aka ExquisiteKnowing Challenge 2018 in South Carolina

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