Packing List

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Our living experiment includes simulating working homelessness–sheltering at a church, showering at a gym, riding a bike and taking public transportation to work–and so participants will restrict their luggage to a daypack and a personal item like a purse/shoulder bag. That way, we can carry all our belongings with us on the plane, on public transportation, and also on a bike. Here’s how:

Packing Tips:

  1. pile everything you think you need on the floor; then, pack half
  2. roll your clothes (rather than folding them) so that they compress
  3. carry your jacket/fleece tied around your waist
  4. California is casual; jeans and a clean, neat shirt are work-appropriate
  5. The Bay Area has big temperature variations: so, layers are key!
  6. You do not need to bring a helmet or lock; they are included in the bike rental
  7. The example (photo to the right) followed these tips and served for 12 days, 45-85 degrees, hiking/wedding/gallery opening and country/city. And, in case you’re wondering how we’ll sleep, check out this on-the-fly video-illustration. You can do it!

Basic List: required items unless noted as optional

  • t-shirts (6))—or fewer and plan to hand wash
  • long-sleeve shirt to layer over a t-shirt (1-2)
  • fleece/hoodie (1)
  • windbreaker or light jacket (1)
  • jeans/pants (1) or skirt & tights/leggings (1)
  • shorts (1 for street wear + 1 for cycling)
  • underwear (6)—or fewer and plan to hand wash—plus bras (1-2, optional)
  • socks (6)—or fewer and plan to hand wash
  • bathing suit (1)
  • t-shirt & shorts (for sleeping)
  • hat (for warmth—like a ski hat—required) plus hat for sun (optional)
  • scarf for warmth/fashion (optional, but recommended)
  • sunglasses
  • flipflops/sandals (1)
  • sneakers (1)
  • toiletries, all containers must be 3.4 oz or less and packed in one qt-size ziplock bag
  • washcloth or thin/small camping towel that is lightweight and dries quickly
  • composition notebook and pen/pencil plus reading packet
  • water bottle (empty)
  • photo i.d.
  • $15-$20 for a small souvenir or treat (optional)
  • camera-phone (optional)
  • sleeping bag (will be consolidated and packed as group luggage in group duffels to be checked at airport rather than carried on; you may include a small backpacking sleeping pad, like a Therm-a-Rest, providing it fits in your small stuff sack w/ your sleeping bag)

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