Workshops & Consulting


For information about consultancies, please check out: Exquisite Knowing.


I love collaborating with fellow artists, teachers, community members, and organizations to tailor offerings to specific contexts including schools, workplaces, and intergenerational community settings.

Let me know if you would like to create a workshop for your art opening/show, class, work event, or community gathering, and we’ll cook something up together.

The following examples include a variety of interdisciplinary offerings.

Interdisciplinary Art + Design

  • Exquisite Assemblages (1st-year environment & design undergraduates, October/November 2014) 

Creative Writing + Interdisciplinary Art

Participants at “Interact with the Sculpture,” community workshops to celebrate the installation of Bridget Beck’s “Poetry Studio” Franconia Sculpture Park, Minnesota
    • Interact with the Sculpture (mixed age groups, 5 years to 60+, June 2012)
    • Participants at “Collaborate with the Show” prior to the opening of Ashley David’s American (post) in Red Mill Gallery, Vermont Studio Center

      Collaborate with the Show (mixed age groups, 2 years to 80+, July 2012)

      Participants at “Collaborate with the Show” on the final day of Ashley David’s American (post) show in Red Mill Gallery, Vermont Studio Center

Creative Writing

One-Day Workshops 
    • For Adults
      Children from the Saturday Workshop for 4th & 5th graders read their work published in Mandala Journal and receive certificates of workshop participation at the journal’s launch party. (photo credit: Kat Morrell)
      • Jump-start Your Writing
      • Develop Your Writing Practice
      • Dig into Revision
      • Crack the Publishing Code
      • Introduction to Poetry Writing
      • Introduction to Fiction Writing
      • Introduction to Nonfiction Writing
    • For Teens
      • Inside Out: Writing that Matters
    • For Children
      • Writers in the Schools Saturday Workshop for 4th & 5th graders
Workshop Series 
    • For Adults
      • Writing Memory: Grappling with Remembered Experience as Source Material
      • Barbaric Yawps, Spring & All: Using Imitation & Experimentation to Find Your Voice
      • An Axe for the Frozen Sea: Accessing Essential Selves, Yours and Your Characters’
      • A Silence Opens: Finding Your Voice, Your Truth, and Your Subject
    • For Pre-teens/Teens

      An 8th grade student’s sculptural rendering of his story, “Basketball Game,” made from tin foil salvaged at lunch (Writing that Matters: Summer Remediation for 6th, 7th & 8th Graders)